Program Guide

The following information provides an overview of the 2018 DYCD/Nike Zoom Academy. The academy is an evolution from the original NYC Beacon and Cornerstone Nike Basketball Program, and is designed to provide skills development and play opportunities to middle school boys and girls ages 10-14 interested in the sport of basketball. The goal of the Zoom Academy is to promote the teaching of basketball fundamentals, leadership skills, and character building through organized sport.

Core Principles

1)    Youth Development

1.    Physically

2.    Mentally

3.    Socially

2)    Fun in Athletics (Positive Experiences)

1.     We expect all youth to walk away from this opportunity with positive experiences. We are depending on the coaches to incorporate this concept in their practices as well as in scrimmage play, encourage positivity throughout the entirety of the season by reinforcing positive affirmations to players.

2.    Coaches are expected to give adequate playing time to each player in order to ensure learning and development.

3)    Civic Responsibility (Model Citizens)

1.      All teams must arrive on time to skill sessions and games out of respect to the trainers, officials, and other teams. Please be aware of MTA's schedule when planning to travel.

2.      All teams must be committed to their responsibilities as academy members. Teams are expected to maintain a minimum of 75% percent attendance rate in order to be eligible for the end-of-year celebration and awards.

3.      Every player will shake hands with the opposing coaches, referees, and opposing team's players at the commencement and conclusion of each scrimmage.

4.      All players on the team will be uniform in appearance. Each player must wear the most current uniform given to them. Jerseys must be tucked into players' shorts for the entirety of the scrimmage.

4)    Character Building (Integrity and Ethics)

1.    Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action against the guilty party. (This may include coach, individual player, team, and/or fan/parent.)

2.    Conduct that will result in immediate suspension and/or expulsion from the Zoom Academy includes but is not limited to:

a.    Fighting

b.    Cursing

c.    Use of racial slurs

d.    Implying or conducting malicious/vulgar acts

e.    Inappropriate gestures and/or motions

f.     Use of drugs or alcohol (games, practices, or any activity surrounding the academy)

Participant Guidelines

The Zoom Academy is a free initiative for middle school participants between the ages of 10-14 who are enrolled in DYCD-funded programs.

Teams will be expected to provide proof of age (birth certificate, school ID, ATS report, etc.) and a headshot photo for each player in order to register.

How to Register

DYCD-funded programs have until February 10 to complete the registration process. Only coaches with fully-registered teams will be eligible to attend the mandatory coaches' trainings.

Players must be middle school students between the ages of 10 and 14 in order to register. Players must turn 10 by June 1, 2018 and may not turn 15 before that date in order to be eligible.

DYCD-funded programs are eligible to register:

  • 1 boys' team and 1 girls' team
  • 8-15 players per team
  • 2 coaches per team

Rosters are final at the close of the registration period.

Steps to Register:

1. Register program staff and coaches on the online registration platform.

2. Collect all supporting documents for each individual player (proof of age and headshot).

3. Upload team and player information. Site director should confirm all information before the registration deadline, including ages and whether each player is enrolled in the DYCD-funded program.

If you need registration support, please attend an in-person computer training session at DYCD on January 30.

Skills Clinics

Each team will experience specialized skills clinics over the course of the season. Skills clinics will be held on Saturdays between March and June and will focus on fundamental play and skill development.

Additional information will follow regarding schedule and locations.

Game Play

The focus of game play will be support the learning and development from the skills clinics: concepts and fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship among players, and building sense of community among DYCD coaches. Teams will have the opportunity to play in at least four pool-based games throughout the first half of the season. All will then be given the opportunity, based on record, to participate in end-of-year celebration and tournament events.

All games will take place on Saturdays. Games will not be rescheduled based on team availability. No-shows and forfeits will count as losses in team records.

Team Uniforms

Teams will receive jerseys for each registered player at the coaches' training on March 3. Sizes will be collected during registration.

Zoom Academy Celebration

DYCD and Nike will mark the culmination of the 2018 Zoom Academy with a celebratory event in June. Players will have the opportunity to show off the skills they have developed through tournament play and fun activity. In order to participate in this event, teams and players must have satisfied the academy requirements explained above, including a minimum of 75% attendance at skills sessions and games, as well as participation in mandatory coach development sessions.

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